Spark Business Institute’s Business Plateau Evaluator

The Business Plateau Evaluator (BPE) is the SBI’s proprietary diagnostic tool that gauges the strengths and weaknesses of your business. The BPE is designed to pinpoint exactly why your business has stagnated and identify key areas on which to focus your efforts in order to create the momentum necessary to blast past the plateau and achieve your goals.

The BPE will help to determine which of 6 critical business inhibitors is the primary one holding your company back from achieving the success that it is striving towards. The information gathered from the BPE is distilled by our team of experts and delivered to you. Business savvy leaders will take this information and use it to focus planning and resources right where they will make the maximum impact.

The Slingshot Strategies Brief (SSB) is the resulting analysis from the BPE and will supply you with your business growth inhibitors based upon your leadership style and skills, your company’s main business inhibitor, and your motivations. The spark business institute’s team of experts helps you to plot out the best approach to overcoming personal and organizational limits and moves you past obstacles and achieve success.


    A major initiative is a project that utilizes a substantial portion of the company's retained earnings or requires borrowed money. The initiative may occur in any area of the business but requires a substantial change in that area's structure and function. An example could be: A complete overhaul of website and company branding, the purchase of updated equipment, etc.
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