The Business Mindset Plateau Evaluator (BuMP)

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Spark Business Institute BuMP


SBI’s Business Mindset Plateau Evaluator – or, The BuMP – zeros in on the source and potential remedy to your stagnated business, not the symptoms. The BuMP enables immediate action— even at 3 am when fear and panic strike.
  • Immediately see where your business falls on The Great Small Business Plateau
  • Gain a comprehensive financial, process, and personnel analysis of your business
  • Get an objective look at your business situation and your own mindset for an accurate picture of the best approach to success for your business
  • Receive a roadmap of next steps to get your business moving toward your vision
This powerful tool provides insight that can usually only be gained with hours and hours of Consulting expertise, or not at all.
See what $1200 can do for your bottom line.

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