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Is It Time For A Slingshot Strategy?

Lifestyle and growth companies are completely different animals. A Lifestyle CEO starts or purchases a business to provide stable income, in an industry they know well. These are the people who put their software coding skills to use by opening…

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3 Reasons Why You Haven’t Hired Experts (And Why That’s Bad Business)

If you are going to get past a plateau, one of the most important factors is getting your key personnel on board. What often ends up happening is that a founder caps business growth by hiring people beneath his or her own competency level. That is, he or she doesn’t hire anyone with greater knowledge, productivity, experience or potential. Everyone ends up supporting the leader. When the highest level of possibility is encompassed in one person, growth, by nature, is limited. To counter this, founders have to remove the cap.

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The Pros & Cons of Sharing Office Space

Shared office space is a smart solution for some businesses, but definitely not for all. Here are five key considerations to help you decide whether sharing office space is right for your business:

  1. Does everyone really need their own fax machine? When I’ve worked with organizations with limited resources, I’ve often asked why individual organizations pay for infrastructure such as photocopiers, coffee machines and even administrative staff—that are probably not being used at full capacity anyway. If you can find another company that has a similar way of delivering services and a similar approach to business, sharing office space can significantly reduce your costs.
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How Do You Measure Business Capacity?

If you ask the owner of a new small business, “How much do you want to increase sales?” they’ll likely answer: “As much as possible. Keep them coming!” Enthusiasm abounds in the early life of a business, but capacity can’t…