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Has Your Business Growth Stalled?

Small businesses often stall following the start-up phase… initial growth from capital influx, marketing efforts and green, enthusiastic staff creates some measure of success, but after becoming a “going concern,” business momentum can slow, and even peter out.

We call this The Great Small Business Plateau Phenomenon. Want to learn more about it?

What can do you do RIGHT NOW to identify what needs to be done in order to reignite momentum and push your business forward?

Spark Business Institute Assessment


In just 5 minutes, SBI’s Free SMALL BUSINESS EVALUATOR will pinpoint exactly where your business falls on the Great Small Business Plateau. Are you a Start-up, Emerging Business, At-An-Equilibrium-Point, Experiencing Churn, or A Rising Star? It’s important to know where you are so your can plan to get to where you want to be.

Spark Business Institute BuMP

Take the BuMP!

SBI’s Business Mindset Plateau Evaluator – or, The BuMP – zeros in on the source and potential remedy to your stagnated business, not the symptoms. The BuMP enables immediate action— even at 3 am when fear and panic strike.

  • Immediately see where your business falls on The Great Small Business Plateau
  • Gain a comprehensive financial, process, and personnel analysis of your business
  • Get an objective look at your business situation and your own mindset for an accurate picture of the best approach to success for your business